$ 2.869

Winterized Diesel

- 5:13 pm - December 5th, 2017


Winterized Premium Diesel (On Road & Off Road)

  On Friday 12/1/2017, we began deliveries of our winterized diesel fuel. 

 We will provide winterized fuel at two different levels this year.  We will be making very aggressive efforts to eliminate any chance of fuel gelling.  Please note that the standards set forth are our minimum standards.  We expect to achieve better results; however, due to manufacturers inconsistencies (cracking), the quality of fuel will vary from batch to batch.  Our company will regularly send samples to a lab for quality monitoring. 

 From 12/1/2017 until 12/20/2017 the fuel will be blended to a CFPP (cold filter plug point) -10 (minus ten) degrees Fahrenheit.  You do not need to purchase or add any chemical anti-gel additives to our fuel unless the temperature is colder than -10(minus ten) degrees.  Additionally, the diesel is considered “Premium Diesel”, which includes special additives to enhance vehicle service and performance.

From 12/20/2017 until 2/20/2018, the fuel will be blended to minus -15 degrees CFPP.  This will entail the addition of kerosene into the fuel.  Since kerosene will drive the cost of fuel higher, we may eliminate the kerosene sooner if weather conditions become mild.  We will then switch back to the -10 degree diesel until the end of the winter season. 

It is critical, that before the winter season begins, your mechanic change all fuel related filters on your vehicle, and continue to do so throughout the winter.  If you do not, mechanical breakdowns are inevitable.  The primary filter should be 150 MICRON OR LARGER.  Many breakdowns are a result of customers using only a 15 micron filter.  NO diesel will flow through a 15 micron filter during extreme temperatures.  Additionally, the primary filter should be changed every 5,000 miles or 300 hours.

 Furthermore, the trucks should be warmed up for about 10 minutes before moving, to allow the fuel to circulate and warm up. Please make sure the trucks are plugged in at the end of each day.  Lastly, if your trucks are equipped with a fuel filter heater or a fuel heater, please make sure they are functioning properly.

 The only way to insure against the aggravation of winter breakdowns is for us both to make some extra efforts during this time period.  Please communicate this information with your drivers and mechanics.  

 Please contact me directly if you have any special concerns or issues to discuss on this important matter.  If you do not use much fuel this time of year, we may need to deliver minimally, to avoid any summer diesel left in your tank during the winter.  Again, please discuss this matter with me.

 Remember, the diesel of today is “Ultra-Low Sulphur” with a blend of bio fuels.  This fuel does not react to the cold weather in the same manner as it did a several years ago.  We must adapt to the changes or suffer with undue mechanical problems.

Thank you,

Mitchell Blank